In addition to one-on-one sessions, on-Line Training and one-on-one and on-line BreathWork Facilitation, Ian organizes community wellness workshops, holistic retreats, and spiritual rejuvenation circles. These events provide an opportunity for participants to disconnect from their busy lives, turn inward, and tap into the present moment to restore and maintain their body’s natural balance.


Inner Circle of Success

Experience unparalleled growth with our inner circle for success with our 3 month biweekly video calls with other women who are looking for support, and inspiration, in their life. The meetings are structured so that all members provide input to help you work through life's challenges.

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Achieve your goals with the guidance of our community-driven Nurture package. Gain access our Community, weekly teaching, a study group for personal growth plus access to Robina's teaching library.

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Join The Flourish Package and thrive together - access a supportive community and personal growth courses to help you reach your full potential. 1-year membership plus access to Robina's online courses. Courses include: More than Just a Mom Method, Unlocking your Money Code, Femmepreneur

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Guidance for every challenge, support for every success. This package offers instant coaching on the spot. For the busy individual who requires situational coaching and support in their life. Ideal for many entrepreneurs who would like to feel empowered and supported in their professional and personal life.

$375 USD/Month
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Why choose a Package?

Create change

Ready to transform your life but don't have all the systems in place? Our packages provide the support you need to integrate new learning and create lasting change.


Each package includes a range of additional measures of support, from regular check-ins to personalized coaching, to help ensure your success on your transformation journey.

Achieve your goals

If you're interested in sustainable change and long-term growth, our packages are designed to help you achieve your goals and create the life of your dreams.

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Empower Coaching
Inner Circle of Success
Access to community
Weekly teaching
Study group
Teaching library 
Online courses
Instant coaching
Bi-weekly zoom calls

Our Features

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Taking a Course vs. Choosing a Package:
Which is Right for You?


Embark on the journey towards your dream life with our specially designed online courses for personal growth.


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Beginner-friendly material for learning new skills and behaviours.

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Self-paced learning with a flexible schedule to fit your needs.

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A workbook to help you integrate new learning into your life.


Achieve lasting transformation with support and accountability through our comprehensive coaching packages.


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Additional measures of support to promote a learning environment.

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Personalized coaching and regular check-ins for accountability. 

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A comprehensive plan to create sustainable change for lasting growth.

Join The Movement

Start taking action to transform your life.
I’ll support you to define specific action steps and how to really implement them and get the results you want.