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Unlocking your Money Code


  • Gain access to a thriving community of like-minded individuals who are committed to personal growth and development.
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The words 'you are meant for more' had never had more meaning then they did when Robina shared her truest thoughts with me. Robina's direct and inspiring nature that mimics one's very own light and power that she makes you see! If you are seeking more, if you have the driving pull witihin you that you know is trying to tell you something, Robina can help you discover the YOU that has been there all along

Mary Felber
New York, USA

Robina is an awesome coach but more importantly friend. She listens and asks you the hard questions. Robina is an incredible cheerleader and will hold you accountable when you feel like you've fallen off track. I'm so very grateful for her, her leadership and guidance. Working with Robina has led me to dig deep and uncover my own purpose of coaching. If you are ever looking for a transformation Robina will help you do this

Domenica Orlando
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Robina's role in my growth as an educator and business owner is crucial. She taught me concrete strategies for operating and vibrating at a higher level, to attract my ideal lifestyle. She implements self-love as a foundational component of her coaching

Jacquie Deokie
Ontario, Canada


Unlocking Your Money Code

Master the Art of Manifesting Wealth

In this powerful journey, you'll dive deep into the principles of manifestation and learn practical techniques to transform your relationship with money.

This course is for you if you:

  • Are tired of the never-ending chase for money
  • Want to master the art of attracting money effortlessly and in abundance
  • Feel like you've hit a plateau and are seeking a breakthrough
  • Struggle to understand why money seems to slip away as quickly as it arrives
  • Are ready to transform your relationship with money and welcome lasting abundance

What you will get:

-Uncover and eliminate subconscious programs that hinder abundance.
- Develop a new, empowering money consciousness.
- Embrace the identity of your future abundant self.
- Create a personalized action plan for achieving financial goals.
- Cultivate daily habits that attract wealth and opportunities.
- Learn strategies to overcome financial challenges with resilience.
- Build a supportive network for ongoing growth.
- Celebrate and maintain your newfound financial transformation.
- Attract more abundance into your life with practical techniques.