Achieve your goals with the guidance of our community-driven Nurture package. Gain access our Community, weekly teaching, a study group for personal growth plus access to Robina's teaching library.

About the Course

  • Access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are also focused on personal growth and development
  • Weekly teaching sessions with experienced coaches to provide guidance, insights, and inspiration
  • Opportunities to connect with others in study groups to deepen learning and explore specific areas of interest
  • Resources and tools to support personal growth, such as worksheets, exercises, and reading materials
  • Ongoing support and accountability from coaches and peers to stay on track with personal goals
  • A safe and non-judgmental space to explore challenges, share successes, and receive feedback and encouragement
  • Personalized attention and guidance to help identify and overcome limiting beliefs and obstacles to growth
  • A focus on developing self-awareness, self-compassion, and a growth mindset to foster ongoing personal and professional development
  • Opportunities to practice new skills and behaviors in a supportive and growth-oriented environment
  • A commitment to helping each member of the community achieve their full potential and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.


The words 'you are meant for more' had never had more meaning then they did when Robina shared her truest thoughts with me. Robina's direct and inspiring nature that mimics one's very own light and power that she makes you see! If you are seeking more, if you have the driving pull witihin you that you know is trying to tell you something, Robina can help you discover the YOU that has been there all along

Mary Felber
New York, USA

Robina is an awesome coach but more importantly friend. She listens and asks you the hard questions. Robina is an incredible cheerleader and will hold you accountable when you feel like you've fallen off track. I'm so very grateful for her, her leadership and guidance. Working with Robina has led me to dig deep and uncover my own purpose of coaching. If you are ever looking for a transformation Robina will help you do this

Domenica Orlando
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Robina's role in my growth as an educator and business owner is crucial. She taught me concrete strategies for operating and vibrating at a higher level, to attract my ideal lifestyle. She implements self-love as a foundational component of her coaching

Jacquie Deokie
Ontario, Canada