If someone had told me seven years ago that I would be writing about the power of manifestation, I would have dismissed it as nonsense! I've always been someone who relies on tangible evidence. If I can see, touch, feel, or smell something, then it's real in my mind. And if there's scientific data to support it, then it must be true!

Well, at least that's what I believed until I was forced to reconsider. My husband and I owned a small business, and when our livelihood was threatened, I realized that our usual approach wasn't going to change the situation. I had used all my experience and logical thinking to create the business, but I never considered a backup plan because I was so focused on the steps and the so-called "planning phase." I was always ready to find solutions to any problem that came our way.

But this time, my usual methods failed. We had bills piling up, mouths to feed, and employees to pay, and I felt completely lost. I would cry myself to sleep nearly every night, fearing that we would lose everything. I started using my savings to cover our expenses, and things were going downhill fast. I knew that logic alone couldn't save us from this situation. I was desperate.

In a moment of uncharacteristic boldness, I decided to venture into network marketing, hoping to create an additional income stream. Little did I know that this decision would lead me to a whole new way of thinking. One of the leaders in the company introduced me to a book called "The Secret," which opened my mind to the concepts of the law of attraction and manifestation. The law of attraction is all about attracting things into your life based on your thoughts. I was captivated by this idea. If I believed that I could solve any problem, was I unknowingly attracting more problems? Was my constant focus on finding solutions implying that there would always be problems in our lives?

I came to realize that my logical thinking had brought me this far, but if I wanted something different, I needed to start being, thinking, and doing things differently.

I had nothing to lose by giving manifestation a try. But there was one problem—I knew how to approach it logically, but I struggled to truly feel it. I honestly doubted that it could work for me.

Manifestation is a simple process that requires four key ingredients:

  1. Write down your desires.
  2. Immerse yourself in the feeling of already having it.
  3. Let go of the expectation of when it will manifest.
  4. Have faith that it's on its way to you.

As a realist, I found steps 2, 3, and 4 particularly challenging because I didn't know how to visualize and truly embrace the feeling of surrender, or have unwavering faith that things would work out despite the chaos of life.

So now, I'll guide you through the exact steps I took to embrace manifestation and trust the process—a daunting task for someone rooted in realism.

Unleashing Your Deepest Desires

Have you ever taken the time to ponder what you truly love? So often, we find ourselves consumed by thoughts of what we don't want to happen, that we forget how to focus on what we genuinely desire. It's as if we believe that embracing our desires would only lead to fleeting fantasies or dreams we'll eventually awaken from.

During my journey, I was fortunate to have two mentors who taught me invaluable lessons about tapping into my desires: the late Bob Proctor and Kathleen Cameron. As I delved deeper into their teachings, I embarked on the challenging task of creating a wish list for myself. Surprisingly, even putting my desires into words proved to be a struggle. I discovered that my entire life had been enveloped by a scarcity mindset. I was afraid to dream bigger, fearing both failure and judgment that may come with success.

I realized that my own limiting beliefs had hindered me from expanding my thoughts. How did I let this happen? As I crafted my list, I found myself fixated on what made logical sense, what seemed achievable, and the steps I needed to take. I was overthinking instead of feeling my desires deeply.

I vividly recall my coach at that time urging us to embrace the illogical and outlandish, to break free from our conventional thought patterns, all the while reminding us not to judge ourselves in the process. It required me to become a different version of myself, and I am immensely grateful that I took that leap.

Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs

hat if you could have absolutely anything? If you were completely limitless, what would you want? Picture a life where resources, time, and money were abundant. How would it look?

To tap into that feeling, I had to step out of my present self and borrow the imagination of my younger self. What did she desire? What were her dreams before she was told to be realistic and stop daydreaming?

I had to embody that younger version of myself to truly connect with those desires. I decided to turn it into a game and let my imagination roam freely. My list grew from 10 to 25, and eventually to 50. When I glanced back at the earlier entries, I realized that I had played it safe with many of them. The first 25 were approached logically—dream house, additional income streams, debt repayment (though I reframed it, as focusing on debt would attract more of it). But beyond that point, I let go of judgment and allowed myself to have fun. Like the nine-year-old Robina, I wrote down extravagant trips every two months, a personal chef, a house in the Caribbean, and more. I unleashed my wild side. I shed the fear of getting my hopes up, adopting a mentality of "What the heck do I have to lose? Let's go wild!"

The moment I released judgment and let my imagination run free, it became an exhilarating experience. It opened doors to the realm of "what if." What if it were truly possible? How could it transform my life? And who else could benefit from these positive changes?

I started envisioning a reality far beyond the confines of my logic. It was in that space that my desires grew stronger than my rational mind. It was there that I found the key to unlocking the door of endless possibilities.

Action Step: Creating Your List of Wild Desires

I believe that many of us struggle to manifest the life of our dreams because we find it challenging to detach from the outcome.

To help you overcome this barrier, I encourage you to embark on an exercise:

Create your own list of 50 things you would love to attract if resources were unlimited.

Let your imagination run wild and dare to be outlandish!

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