In this blog, we delve into the powerful journey of learning how to connect with our feelings, embrace the art of manifestation, and cultivate self-love. If you've ever experienced a childhood where suppressing emotions was the norm, you'll resonate with the challenges of allowing ourselves to truly feel and dream. We explore the fear, doubt, and unlearning that often accompany the concept of manifestation. Join us as we navigate the path of breaking free from limiting beliefs, creating new neural pathways, and stepping into the person we desire to become. Get ready to dive deep into the world of self-discovery, transformation, and the enchanting dance between imagination and reality.

Breaking Free from the Past

If you had the type of upbringing that I had, discussing and acknowledging emotions was not encouraged… ‘ain’t nobody got time to talk about that’. The focus was always on being productive and dealing with feelings later. As aresult, many of us struggle to truly connect with our emotions and experience them fully. We limit ourselves to feeling only certain emotions such as love, hurt, or even hate, but we hesitate to allow ourselves to dream unless we are certain of its realization.

When the concept of manifestation entered my life, I found it incredibly challenging to genuinely feel as if my desires had already materialized, especially when they hadn't. Fear crept in, doubting that my dreams would evercome true, and I couldn't bring myself to feel the possibility of them becoming my reality. It became clear that I needed to teach myself the art of getting my hopes up, and falling in love with ideas without knowing the exact path to their manifestation.

I had to unlearn who I had become. I had to let go of my logical thinking because it had only brought me the results I had known so far. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, I needed to forge new neural pathways to achieve different outcomes. This required placing trust in things that existed beyond the boundaries of my physical world. I had to believe in things differently, learning to fall in love with the idea of something before it physically manifested. Relentlessly pursuing the feeling of what my life would be like once my desires came to fruition became my focus.

I started adopting the mindset of already having the life I desired. I began to embody the person I aspired to become. It involved dressing like her, reading the books she would read, and immersing myself in the company of like-minded individuals who would be part of her social circles. I had to fully embrace my desires and act as if I was already living that life, even if itwasn't yet reflected in my bank account, social circle, or physical surroundings. The conviction within me had to be so strong that I knew it wasonly a matter of time until my dreams became a reality.

To facilitate this process, I decided to write a life script. Armed with penand paper, I started to visualize the person I would be when my dream life finally arrived. I asked myself numerous questions: What would I look like? Where would I live? Who would surround me? What would my ideal house and car be like? Which events would I speak at? How would my daily activities unfold? How would my children's lives change? What would my bedroom look like? What scents and sounds would greet me each morning from my bedroom window? I delved intothe smallest details, infusing my script with vivid descriptions. I even recorded it and listened to it daily, aiming to create a mental picture so vivid and ingrained in my subconscious that it could not help but manifest in my reality.

Now, I understand that this may sound unconventional or even far-fetched to some, but it was my judgment and skepticism that once held me back from achieving what I desired. If you knew that you could have the life of your dreams in five years, wouldn't you be willing to embrace unconventional practices to make it happen? Abso-freaking-lutely!

Action Step: Write Your Own Life Script

Take the time to write your own life script, including lots of detail and using descriptive language. Visualize your ideal life with vividness and clarity.

Record your script and listen to it regularly, allowing it to shape your subconscious mind. Embrace this process with an open mind, free from judgment, and let the power of manifestation guide you.

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